Sunday, October 12, 2008

Term 5 is on....Am i a Senior now?

Term 5 have started.....which means No more Cuisine studio....No more training.....No more being harassed. It has been a week since college started.My group members are still the same though, we amke a lot of noise and lame lame jokes.Nothing much has changed other than we are seniors and we got some 'fascinating and impressive' lecturers.

I do sometimes miss training at cuisine studio compared to studying in Taylor's.Maybe it's the sense of belonging.I realized that i work much faster and better in Cuisine Studio compared to the kitchen class in college.I even tend to think better and faster .Even in my first class of kitchen, i was the last to send in my main course and starter.

Anyway, will update and renovate this blog.I know some of my links to my friends' blogs doesn't work....too long never touch this blog....ZzzzZ.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

30th July 2008.Date of Legal Slavery.

30th July 2008......a date that wouldn't be forgotten by most of my comrades including me .It was the time for legal slavery to commence again.This will be my second legal slavery @k@ Industrial Training.I will began my training at 1400 hours loacted at Cuisine Studio. Yeah the same place i went last training.

But this time, theres few different things;

1.I will not be going with Jerry and Richard
2.I will be going with Han,Yi Lin,Johnathan,Carlos
3.I will feel at home

4.I am more prepared for all the scolding
5.I think i am better than last time
6. No more doing service or sales, just cooking


P.S: this is just another post just to make this blog updated.....

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Rocks the cinema!

JENG JENG JENG ......Today went to watch "Kung Fu Panda" with Hadi,Maynard,Han,Aniq and Yi Lin. Thanks Andy for giving us a seat for my "imaginary friend".He's grateful for it.
It was an awesome animated movie.....Funny like hell.You could hear people laughing non stop .Unfortunately there were kids behind us.I could hear them asking their mother...."What is so funny???" .....~Potong Steam~

The story is mainly about Po, the big fat panda who was chosen as the Dragon warrior whom was supposed to defeat an almighty leopard, Tai Lung.See how he became a powerful kung fu master from a noodle chef.Watch out for his belly and ass!!!! They are his great assets and I REALLY MEAN HIS GREATEST ASSET......

A trailer of the movie

Would you believe me if i tell Po is my friend and is in my class?


Can you spot the similarity between this two pictures.

Aren't they just adorable?

And i mean both of them.....HAHAHA

This is just for fun.......And to Maynard and Andy...I am not obsessed with Beruang.
But seriously GUYS.....WATCH IT!!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

What a freaking drama day........Testing ,y skill as P driver

Yesterday was the driving test for me, a P driver......My 7 years old Kembara was giving me problems the whole freaking day.It was gonna be Mother's Day soon Me, Yi lin, Maynard,Mischa,Han and Hadi decided to go Yi Lin's house to bake cakes with TENDER LOVING CARE.

It was like 3pm when we were driving to yi lin's house in Kota Kemuning.Mischa and Yi Lin was in yi Lin's Myvi who was directing us to her house.Han,Maynard,Hadi was in my car.So the expedition began and the DRAMA begun. Suddenly there were this guy shouting at us and pointing at my car.We couldn't hear what he was saying as the window was up. Then another motorist did the same thing.Han finally wind down the window and out his head out to check what was wrong.My tyre was punctured.No wonder why i cannot use my Over Drive.

So we headed to a nearby petrol station where a petrol station personnel helped me to change the tyre.Problem solved.headed to Yi Lin's house.We waited for a while at the playground nearby .And as usual, college kids playing swings there while being watched by secondary school kids who was smoking.......Damn malu.That's why i ran back to my car and played Nintendo DS in the car.

Yi Lin came back and started baking cake.I and Hadi baked a cheesecake which the recipe was the creation of mine.We used our CHEF'S INSTINCT to bake the cake.Mine was a bit flat as there wasn't enough mixture for me and Hadi.Hadi was nice as he used a smaller baking tin.

Hadi and me finsihed baking at around 8pm but we were all waiting for the two gals to bake their cake and we ended up going home at 10pm.So all of stuffed ourselves into my car .3 people at eh back.Han sitting in front.And add 3 boxes of cakes,5 bags and yeah a tray of eggs.

Was driving as careful as i can as there were cakes in the car.Evertying wass smooth going .Then the second DRAMA of the day came.When i was drving through the toll....suddenly the brake doesn't works.....and there was this car in front of me.i pressed the brake didn't really work.Then panickly...i changed the gear to P.The car stopped.I told the rest..

So for the rest of the jouney back to Taylor's college....I had to ask Han to pull the handbrake for me...Sorry Hadi...coz you have to walk a bit to your motorcycle.Sorry Mischa coz cannot send you home.Sorry Maynard and Han for scaring u guys..

So was just a drama day for me.Now i most probably have to take KTM on Monday.....Damn!!! and i am damn sure andy and beruang will start to laugh and tease at me.But beruang....rememebr the Karma...

*Pictures are with Maynard as i was not in the mood for pictures*

Friday, May 02, 2008

Scouting Life

Scouting was, is and will be part of my life.Been in scouts for almost 7 years now.Everyone that knows me knew that i am crazy about scouting.I have been through everything in scouts.... embarrassment,excitement,happiness and sadness.

Throughout the whole 7 years, i did uncountable things. Went under a drainage pipe with dead rat inside.Soaking in a river in the middle of night for almost 3 hours.Walked in my underwear at the side of the road. Those are things that i did even though they are stupid.

I learnt how to deal with kids as the juniors all acted like kids.I learned the pleasure of playing with fire which i am still having pleasure with, Pyrotechnics.....that's what i prefer to call it.I became sort of Guard of Honor for the Prime Minister. I found excitement in climbing waterfalls ,river trekking and all the campfire and social activities i went to. It was in scout that i found my interest in cooking which led me to Culinary Arts.

Those were the good old days........ When i went back for troop meeting, it always make me feel emotional as it reminds me of the old times. Was a bit disappointed when saw the new batch of juniors.They all look sissy and babyish....

Some pictures from my old times....

Eagle Scout Group's Scout Den.This is where i spent most of my times.I spent almost 5 hours for 6 days a week here.I slept almost 80 over nights here.

Boasting about my troop....hehehe
<span class=

Shouting as we were doing a introduction at our school's campfire
<span class=

Watching as the juniors are teaching the younger juniors...
<span class=

Group photo of my council members when we were still young(form 2)
<span class=

Picture of me and my council members as we were helping out at the guides HQ
<span class=

Me, standing in that freaking position for almost one hour, it was damn hot and tired.
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Pictures during some scout events in different areas.
<span class=<span class=

The seniors of the Eagle Scout Group in the year 2005
<span class=

My first work of culinary...
<span class=

I damn miss my life in scouting.....All those fun and excitement and not mentioning the harsh training. I still remember the when i was in secondary one, there were like 70 of us and when i was in form 5, there was only 5 of us. Maybe that's what made 8th Bukit Bintang Eagle Scouts Group of Saint John's Institution as we still are in the group after all those harsh training.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Job? Rubbish?

*This post was written half way and was continued later due to exhaustion faced by the writer*

Slept for like 12 hours for the past 4 days......Been going to college at 7.30am and reaching home only at 11.00pm in the night for 4 days .Culinary arts is hard......not so easy as it seems.Today was our 'Le Brioche' bakery sale by my group...DC27 Group 2.I was the leader for this project and gladly i will say that everything went smoothly and reached our target and demands.Everyone worked just well.

First time for me that everything went alright.....not much big problem that couldn't be solved in just a matter of hours.Production of the pastries to be sold of the day just went alright....That was the happy part of the day....By the end of the bakery.....what did i see?

Yi Lin was sick and lost her voice

Jay was sick

Zaha was not feeling well too

Everyone is freaking tired

but Aniq was happy coz as he was the public relation personnel of the day, he met lots of gals.

The majority of the customer for the day were mostly gals....maybe around 80%.He was so happy that he was singing some song with these words in it ...Honey...Sweety.....Cupcake.He was just like a dancing bear.....hahaha

Amidst of all the happy morning...evening was devastated.We were asked to cook in our applied tech with this recipe and we are to make it different .Everyone was so tired because of the morning that most of us were like zombies cooking.But everything was done though.We presented the dishes....and as expected....chef Frederick gave comments on our dishes.I was lucky enough that i had tissue in my pocket and i placed my completed dish in the oven for 2 mins before serving.....he said i passed....Weeeeeee

Then our director of programme came,"chauve" guy or known as Chef Bala.

Guess what did he said????


And everyone went emo......hahahaha....I was a bit offended but oh well i found out the theory behind his action.Its all pyshcology tactics.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Doubting My Ownself

I am doubting about my mind reflexes and my words.......

Came back today to home....and suddenly i realized that i am gonna have an exciting culinary term at Taylor's .It will be sO THRILLING and stressful ...all because of my action.....silly actions i presume. The first sign from GOD when i somehow became the class reputation.My plan backfire when i was trying to nominate Leon as he was too trying to nominate me.DAMN...... and then like normal DC members, when the rest saw that there is a fire....they add oil,petrol,spirit methyl,kerosene ........and POOF ......Okay...Vincent you are the Class representative.And for the comedic part, the French lecturer ,Monsieur Yeoh gave me a new name Sern if Vincent isn't a simple name for him.And i got laughed....

And for any one's information, I don't want to be a class rep.It will be a nice job if i don't have to handle the photocopying duty. That's the worst job.I would rather do stewarding, sweeping floor than being a class rep.And some more , it was not on my own desire.Who will do a job given to him without his desire and still put their effort into it....I know i won't give much effort

Another sign is when today the Chef asked who wants to be the leader for the first bakery session.Something in me made me raise my hand.....I think some of my group members must be thinking .....Hmmm...Vincent must think he is so great and tak sedar diri to take the responsibilities...... Maybe i thought it will be fun to try it first.So if i were to do a bad job.....i can say its the first session and such short time to prepare for it.

I may sounds emo in this post i think i am emo .......especially being chose as the class rep part........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Post Mortem

Industrial Training......... a part of a culinary programme to learn and experience the real culinary world or kitchen life in a hotel or restaurant.It is also something that could be called as legal slavery system where the restaurant or hotel needs some workers with no experience or so needed to do all the miscellenous duty such as stewarding,choping and peeling onions, cleaning the kitchen and runinng here and there to get stuff.

But behind all this agenda, there are actually some sense in this work as i discover.But i do not know if it actually works.

Stewarding/washing the stuff - its preparation for the trainee to help prepare food in the kitchen as while they wash the equipment , they will know wat equipment is in the kitchen .Other than that,one will learn to minimize usage of equipments to minimize the things to wash later on.For plates and cutleries, so the trainee will know which plate serve with which food as well as the cutleries.....the trainee will find it out from the leftovers or stains on the plates.....

Cleaning the kitchen-Train one's stamina....sweeping and moping the floor is actually hardwork as you are already tired after a day's work and you will have to scrub the floor if there are hard stains there.Another reason for cleaning the kitchen, so that the trainee will realize that working without making a mess is good.

Running from one kitchen to another kitchen- As it only happen in hotel, most of the time, the trainee have to run to other kitchen to get ingredients that the chef needs,and sometimes this trainee are not wanted in the other kitchen .So this will force the trainee to learn how to socialize with the other chefs from different kitchen.

Now , that the 3 months of legal slavery is done, it's back to college life which i am looking damn foward to.How much have i improve? How fast can i do stuff? and all the juicy gossip from everyone.hehehehehe

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Food Poisoning.....On CNY eve!

Chinese New Year supposed to be a big bang with nice foods and celebration.I was supposed to be working on the Chinese New Year Eve but on that morning , i woke up feeling weak and pain in my stomach. In the end half an hour , i went to the toilet twice.....i got the feeling of food poisoning. Must be the vietnamese food i ate the day before coz that's only wat i ate that day. Damn those people whos cooking there.....

In the end, had to go see the doctor....and it was proven that my assumption was correct.So for two freaking days.....the toilet had been my close friend and you won't believe what one can do in a toilet.......Suffering and groaning and laying down is not a nice thing to do , especially on CNY eve and CNY itself.Furthermore i won't be having holiday for 2 weeks coz of this....Damn those people who serve and cook the food for me again.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally , i can see the sun rise

From the darkness , i finally could actually sense things are getting better and i could see the sun rises....... finally some light in the darkness of industrial training.Things were getting better as i spend more time at my industrial training venue....the multi-tasking restaurant, Cuisine Studio.

I was kinda upgraded into preparing starter, preparing bread & basket for service, and doing the stewarding Better than last time when i was only doing stewarding and moving stuff.Although i only have a day off every week but i am starting to like to work there especially the night shifts.Tired but fun.

Saw the Dc27 blog founded by the "Kucing Kurap" , Tuan Maynard......It seems like everyone's industrial training is going well.Oh yeah, by the way,i am missing you guys and i am saying the truth matter if you are a guy or girl...i miss all my dc27 members especially my group 2 guys.

Wanted to take a photo of the uniform in my industrial training but its a bit hard to take photo there without grabbing the attention of my co-workers.The uniform there is like those surgeon are wearing.It's not like any normal chef jacket.No buttons.And the best part, its all in black...i got my dream of wearing a black chef jacket.I had to wear the white safety shoe from taylors though.And with those white shoes, one will really look like a surgeon. Imagine a team of black clothed surgeon working in an open kitchen...that's how it looks in where i am training now.

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day for me.My senior is off tomorrow , so its only chef Jean Michelle , me and the "sous chef" Ng.I am damn scared of screwing up tomorrow as before this , i have the help of my senior in case of any question or help.Tomorrow will be kinda like a test for me.I am gonna do my best ...not gonna give up .....will just eat whatever the chef will scream at me. i am gonna work there tomorrow like that is my bedroom ...hahaha

Last but not least, i miss college life of lepaking and relaxing all the time.I miss watching TV.I miss my dc27 mates .I miss all my other friends.And i miss missing Eagle Scout Group recruitment drive for new members, and all the activities they are gonna have in the next 3 months.I miss camping and i seem to found a place nice to camp...with all the facilities.Planning to make a trip after my industrial training....wondering if any dc27 mates up for the challenge and fun.....

no pictures from the training cause training is busy and means business!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cuisine Training

Cusine Studio........that's the place to eat,learn,and shop.That's also where i am undetaking my training.Training is hard no matter wheter you are ready or not ready......For the last few days, i have been working my ass off ....working from 2pm to almost 12am or so.What have i been doing there??


Well , i can't complain much for i am a trainee there , but seriously i enjoy my time there other than all the scolding from the chef(french) and the manager.It seems i am a bit slow or maybe cause i was having this fear of working there.....anyway ...the scolding is worth what i am doing there.

Now my job upgraded.....i have to help out in kitchen , which i am still learning due to the fact i do not know where the ingredients are .In the same time, i have to do the stewarding and whatever the manager ask me to do.

In a short story, Industrial Training for me is hard and difficult but fun cause can learn a few stuff .The scolding is getting worse but i think i can still hang on.Hopefully, i dun piss the chef too much.I am going to work my ass to make sure i do not get scold anymore..... ciaoz

Good luck to all my dc27 members in their training .....miss you guys