Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally , i can see the sun rise

From the darkness , i finally could actually sense things are getting better and i could see the sun rises....... finally some light in the darkness of industrial training.Things were getting better as i spend more time at my industrial training venue....the multi-tasking restaurant, Cuisine Studio.

I was kinda upgraded into preparing starter, preparing bread & basket for service, and doing the stewarding Better than last time when i was only doing stewarding and moving stuff.Although i only have a day off every week but i am starting to like to work there especially the night shifts.Tired but fun.

Saw the Dc27 blog founded by the "Kucing Kurap" , Tuan Maynard......It seems like everyone's industrial training is going well.Oh yeah, by the way,i am missing you guys and i am saying the truth ...no matter if you are a guy or girl...i miss all my dc27 members especially my group 2 guys.

Wanted to take a photo of the uniform in my industrial training but its a bit hard to take photo there without grabbing the attention of my co-workers.The uniform there is like those surgeon are wearing.It's not like any normal chef jacket.No buttons.And the best part, its all in black...i got my dream of wearing a black chef jacket.I had to wear the white safety shoe from taylors though.And with those white shoes, one will really look like a surgeon. Imagine a team of black clothed surgeon working in an open kitchen...that's how it looks in where i am training now.

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day for me.My senior is off tomorrow , so its only chef Jean Michelle , me and the "sous chef" Ng.I am damn scared of screwing up tomorrow as before this , i have the help of my senior in case of any question or help.Tomorrow will be kinda like a test for me.I am gonna do my best ...not gonna give up .....will just eat whatever the chef will scream at me. i am gonna work there tomorrow like that is my bedroom ...hahaha

Last but not least, i miss college life of lepaking and relaxing all the time.I miss watching TV.I miss my dc27 mates .I miss all my other friends.And i miss missing Eagle Scout Group recruitment drive for new members, and all the activities they are gonna have in the next 3 months.I miss camping and i seem to found a place nice to camp...with all the facilities.Planning to make a trip after my industrial training....wondering if any dc27 mates up for the challenge and fun.....

no pictures from the training cause training is busy and means business!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cuisine Training

Cusine Studio........that's the place to eat,learn,and shop.That's also where i am undetaking my training.Training is hard no matter wheter you are ready or not ready......For the last few days, i have been working my ass off ....working from 2pm to almost 12am or so.What have i been doing there??


Well , i can't complain much for i am a trainee there , but seriously i enjoy my time there other than all the scolding from the chef(french) and the manager.It seems i am a bit slow or maybe cause i was having this fear of working there.....anyway ...the scolding is worth what i am doing there.

Now my job upgraded.....i have to help out in kitchen , which i am still learning due to the fact i do not know where the ingredients are .In the same time, i have to do the stewarding and whatever the manager ask me to do.

In a short story, Industrial Training for me is hard and difficult but fun cause can learn a few stuff .The scolding is getting worse but i think i can still hang on.Hopefully, i dun piss the chef too much.I am going to work my ass to make sure i do not get scold anymore..... ciaoz

Good luck to all my dc27 members in their training .....miss you guys