Sunday, October 12, 2008

Term 5 is on....Am i a Senior now?

Term 5 have started.....which means No more Cuisine studio....No more training.....No more being harassed. It has been a week since college started.My group members are still the same though, we amke a lot of noise and lame lame jokes.Nothing much has changed other than we are seniors and we got some 'fascinating and impressive' lecturers.

I do sometimes miss training at cuisine studio compared to studying in Taylor's.Maybe it's the sense of belonging.I realized that i work much faster and better in Cuisine Studio compared to the kitchen class in college.I even tend to think better and faster .Even in my first class of kitchen, i was the last to send in my main course and starter.

Anyway, will update and renovate this blog.I know some of my links to my friends' blogs doesn't work....too long never touch this blog....ZzzzZ.