Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crossing the Finishing Line

90 days.....about that i did not touch this blog.Was kinda busy but mostly lazy. Many has happened in the past 3 months. From the Eagle Scout Group campfire , ending of my training,towing of my car by another car , another near-happened accident, passing of Brother Lawrence and much more.....

Eagle Scout Group's campfire was okay .It actually became the meeting point for some of my council members and the old seniors.But it was sad to see how the troop changed, much tradition and spirit in the members were lost but i guess that happens in a 105 years old school.They some how lost the presence of pride in being a St.John's student, a johannian.

The passing of Brother Lawrence was indeed a sad day to all the students he had taught or influence.I will always remember the gentle and kind words he have for everyone.And not forgetting his dedication towards education .He was indeed a well respected figure whom i will not forget. Fide Et Labore.

Training has ended.It has been a ride of fun,excitement,exhaustion and not forgetting a lot of waiting and boredom.I did my training in Malay Kitchen.It was nice other than people keep asking and questioning if i am a malay.Sumhow it is weird for people to find a Chinese in a Malay kitchen.
My time in Sales and Marketing Department was quite fun and as i expected, a lot of waiting for people to give me work to do. I do feel like being a part time security guard at the sales department but the people were nice.They were teaching me all sorts of stuff and they were a nice people to talk and crap with.

Yesterday , some of the old dc27 group 2 people met up for a yum cha session at Phang's place.Me, Maynard,Andy,Han,Hadi,Jonathan and Phang all met up around 11pm.We talked about how we were, wheter in training or working.It was nice to meet up and just talk and tell stories of our training and working.

Now....i have to part time at the Malay kitchen as it is puasa month, and they need some non-Malay and extra help in the kitchen .Plus my mom was grumbling and nagging me of stayin at home for a whole month.So off to Malay kitchen for dunno how long.

Next , i want to have a trip to somewhere and an outing to a waterfall or river(may not be templer's)...