Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fun College

21st November 2007.......that was the night where DC27 Group 2, my group was cooking in the kitchen for asian buffet.Luckily i was assigned with Han and Andy, my original team in kitchen practical.We were told to prepare stirfried beef with pineapple Vietnamese Style. This means we got the chance to use the big cooking stove with those fire which are blue flame...those used in chinese cuisine.It was Fun...the fire was just damn cool.

Suprisingly it took us like an hour or less to prepare the beef and i gave some sample to everyone in the kitchen including the lecturer chefs and none of the complain.....their comment?? Nice ,quite tender, flavourful,got taste and colour. At that time , i thought a tail was gonna grow from my back after listening to those comments. GOOD JOB GUYS,ANDY and HAN! We did great that night.

And then i and andy became the comunicator for that night .He was taking care of outside and i was taking care of inside.We did quite good. Replenishing the food was fast and most of our dishes was out by just in half an hour.Using the walkie talkie ,we contacted each other for the whole night, the truth: i wanted to help in the comunication part coz i could play with the walkie talkie.

Service over around 10pm.All sat down and had our own dinner.The servers and kitchen crew.But still , everyone is still sitting according to their own circle of friends.After the dinner, did a bit of stewarding.That's my last job of the night.

Then , the spy networking group started to assemble.The members gathered outside at the courtyard and each of them started complaining bout one person.It seems tat this person is currently having problems with everyone.Just hope this person will realize it, stop being .....P.S: i was a bit angry.....a bit onl.y

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is What I Would Like To Call As Aniq's Happiest Moment Of His Life

This is What i would like to call as Aniq's happiest Momment of his life.It's was a story happened long time ago and i think it will be a good story to tell everyone.It was Mischa's birthday and the whole lot of us decided to give her a birthday suprise at her house at the stroke of midnight.So there were Me,Han,Maynard,Andy,Shane,Samantha,Jimmy,Aaron,Jimmy,and of course Aniq who will be the main character today's story.

Who's aniq?Very Easy,This is Aniq. He is who i want to call as the cute mascot of DC27 group 2.He is just as joyful as a bear.

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Soon after suprising Mischa, somehow these college kids ended up in the playground and the time was like 2 am in the morning.I am not sure if it's instinct or these college kids wanted to exprience once again the joy of playing in the playground.
What we did there 2am in the morning?
We launched some fireworks with no sound effect,played on the swing,slide,and monkey bar.

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*College Kids protesting in a playground
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*Shane on the swing
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*College Kids tracing back to their kindergarden days

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*I told you Aniq was very happy

So in the end, we decided to end that happy moments when it was like 3am in the morning.And of course , Aniq was sad, but we promised him to bring him there again...when we are free.But sometimes , its good to be a small innocent kid who can just play everyday without any worries.

-------------------------------------------The END-------------------------------------------