Monday, June 08, 2009

Frustration to a Piss Off Moment!!!

Why do people actually fight or argue with one another?
Is it because of anger? Jealousy? or basically just because they can't stand the sight of one another?

I really hate it when it comes to fight as it always bring nothing in the end, especially if you see each other face almost 5 times a week. And it get worse when they work together or are in a group together especially when they are doing a project together.

It gets really irritating when they just mix personal feelings into work.I know that we are humans and we are infused with emotions, but why can't they just keep emotions out of work or business.When they got into a fight, they just ignore one another or just walk away like the opposite is invisible.

When it gets to this point, they are basically screwing up the work that they had been doing.And this is STUPID..... As adults , one should act as an adult and just forget whatever happened and just finishes up the work.It is totally ridiculous to spoil a project which involves others as well .It just give a bad image.

And another thing that gets into me is people individually trying to act emotional in front of others just because they have their own problems.Just because you may have a tiring nite a bad day before that, it doesn't give you any damn right to act like the whole world have to bow down to you.If you feel down or what soever, just go to a corner of your room and sulk there.Sorry for being so insensitive, it is just that i am freaking piss off with all this bullshit .I hate all those people who just talk in a rude way and expect me to follow whatever he or she may say .I am not a freaking dog and just because i do not scold or talk back in a rude way , doesn't mean i am scare of you whoever you maybe.

So to anyone who may feel offended , it is just my point of view. I just need to express my freaking damn piss off emotions.