Monday, April 20, 2009

When i was a small Brat......

When I was a small brat who know nothing of this cruel world, when i was an innocent brat who thought power rangers exist in this world where evil are in the form of monsters trying to take over the world.That was then and now when i am all grown "boy" who can think of his own found that evil lives in this world but not as monsters.They live in one and every of us as Jealousy,Greed,Selfish and many other evils.

When I was a small brat, I always idolized the Power Rangers and i watched every season that they showed on TV .From Ninja Storm,Wild force to Time Force....OH yes....i do still remember them.Its a pity to give up what u enjoyed even though you are all grown up.Power Rangers was,is and will be a part of my life's history.Even when i was in kindergarten, i remembered being teased for pretending to be a member of this monster fighting team, but i stood my ground and believed that a Power Ranger do not give up and should stand up whenever they fall.This is something good about Power Rangers.

When I was a small brat, I loved durian very much that my parents almost registered me into a durian eating competititon.I could actually eat 3 fruits on myself when i was just only maybe 5 years old.I was so crazy about durian that i will actually sit on the floor 30 minutes before my father even opened the durian.The fragrance and those soft silky flesh that just melt in your mouth , each with their own unique flavours either bitter or sweet.Those were the time.I liked durian so much that i told my parents that when i grow up, i want to be a durian seller.This got my parents into a big shock.....Their only son a durian seller.....Luckily that did not became reality.Imagine me shouting " Durian ! Durian! Come and buy your king of fruit!!!!"......

When i was a small brat, i loved candies...all kind of candies.From gummies to hard candy.How can any kids despise sweets or candies.It is like the main reason for a kid to live.I loved candies so much that i don't actually suck on it but instead crunch and bite it.I love breaking it into smaller pieces and swallow it.I know its bad for your teeth and stuff but i was a little brat that time, and i am one damn stubborn brat.Hahaha...especially those coco-cola candy .The heart shaped candy filled with sour sorbet in the middle which give an acidic taste when touches your mouth. The sensation will just give joy to any brat.....

*Unfortunately i can't find any pictures of it*

When i was a small brat, i love running around with my friends.Playing chasing and a game call "konda - kondi" .It was sweet time where i have no worries and i ran like i am the fastest sprinter on Earth.I ran like there was nothing else i can do other than running.Shouting while running....that is the excitement of my life then.Laughing with one another no matter who,what and where we from. We don't even care if we are different colours or who is smarter.We are all equal.

Those were some moments of when i was a small brat.I may not have PlayStation or game boy but i did enjoy myself just by my imagination and friends.I will never forget my old friends ....i think i still remember their names.Those brats whom then were my best buddies in S.R.K. Batu Road (2); Gan Beng Han,Ganesan,Zaidaidinor,Sharul Nizam.Those were good old times especially when we explored the so called haunted house which burnt down later on.... good old days when we were brats.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Missing Each and Everyone of you all....


Diploma in Culinary Arts (DC) Batch 27.......such a nice name compared to Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism (BDH) Batch 31. It's has been around 2 weeks since the DC's separated.Most went on to pursue their career while a handful of us continued our "shining path" in Taylor's College by pursuing BDH.It's different enviroment and mood compared to the old DC. Well , it has just been 2 weeks i guess, i can't expect much with everyone still "new" with each other.I will just have to adapt like Maynard said.


I miss being in DC27 group 2.
I miss laughing and smiling all the time in class.
I miss the DC lecturers whom are more fun and friendly.
I miss Maynard's wise words.
I miss Andy' s driving and sarcasm.
I miss Han's postive energy and attidude.
I miss Zaha's great smile.
I miss working in kitchen under stress.
I miss the laughter and insults thrown at each other in kitchen.
I miss playing tricks and jokes on you guys.
I miss all those night trips and yum cha session.
I miss all those 3am gatherings.
I miss all the arguments we had.
I miss those culinary jokes.
I miss those internal jokes.
I miss all those teasing and insults.
I miss those friendship and teamwork.
I miss the relationship and bond we had.
I miss those moments.
I miss being a DC.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Self Discovery

Came back from the trip to Redang with my college buddies , twelve of us to be exact; Maynard,Hadi,Aniq,Mischa,Samantha,Sherryna,Wai Kheng,Jimmy,Jon,Andy,Jimmy and Aaron .
The trip took us 3 days and a damn freaking lots of time spent in the bus .The bus to there was like a Nascar racecar while the trip back was like a donkey ride. DONKEY ride means damn slow ....freaking slow.

Had a share of fun as well as a share of self discovery which maynard will call it as emo time.Some things do happen at the wrong time.And to reply to Maynard's post which states that "Not like the Vincent I used to know. You let stupid things get to you".Well everyone have their period of when that will happen....for some people it's midlife crisis but for Vincent....its during Redang trip.Sorry guys for troubling you guys during the vacation....

But during the 1 hour or so of sitting alone and walking alone , i discovered and decided.....that some issues are not meant to be forced or thought .I will become back the Vincent Maynard used to know.And i meant it....Redang pictures will come soon after tonite yum cha session to get all the photos....