Friday, March 21, 2008

Post Mortem

Industrial Training......... a part of a culinary programme to learn and experience the real culinary world or kitchen life in a hotel or restaurant.It is also something that could be called as legal slavery system where the restaurant or hotel needs some workers with no experience or so needed to do all the miscellenous duty such as stewarding,choping and peeling onions, cleaning the kitchen and runinng here and there to get stuff.

But behind all this agenda, there are actually some sense in this work as i discover.But i do not know if it actually works.

Stewarding/washing the stuff - its preparation for the trainee to help prepare food in the kitchen as while they wash the equipment , they will know wat equipment is in the kitchen .Other than that,one will learn to minimize usage of equipments to minimize the things to wash later on.For plates and cutleries, so the trainee will know which plate serve with which food as well as the cutleries.....the trainee will find it out from the leftovers or stains on the plates.....

Cleaning the kitchen-Train one's stamina....sweeping and moping the floor is actually hardwork as you are already tired after a day's work and you will have to scrub the floor if there are hard stains there.Another reason for cleaning the kitchen, so that the trainee will realize that working without making a mess is good.

Running from one kitchen to another kitchen- As it only happen in hotel, most of the time, the trainee have to run to other kitchen to get ingredients that the chef needs,and sometimes this trainee are not wanted in the other kitchen .So this will force the trainee to learn how to socialize with the other chefs from different kitchen.

Now , that the 3 months of legal slavery is done, it's back to college life which i am looking damn foward to.How much have i improve? How fast can i do stuff? and all the juicy gossip from everyone.hehehehehe