Friday, May 09, 2008

What a freaking drama day........Testing ,y skill as P driver

Yesterday was the driving test for me, a P driver......My 7 years old Kembara was giving me problems the whole freaking day.It was gonna be Mother's Day soon Me, Yi lin, Maynard,Mischa,Han and Hadi decided to go Yi Lin's house to bake cakes with TENDER LOVING CARE.

It was like 3pm when we were driving to yi lin's house in Kota Kemuning.Mischa and Yi Lin was in yi Lin's Myvi who was directing us to her house.Han,Maynard,Hadi was in my car.So the expedition began and the DRAMA begun. Suddenly there were this guy shouting at us and pointing at my car.We couldn't hear what he was saying as the window was up. Then another motorist did the same thing.Han finally wind down the window and out his head out to check what was wrong.My tyre was punctured.No wonder why i cannot use my Over Drive.

So we headed to a nearby petrol station where a petrol station personnel helped me to change the tyre.Problem solved.headed to Yi Lin's house.We waited for a while at the playground nearby .And as usual, college kids playing swings there while being watched by secondary school kids who was smoking.......Damn malu.That's why i ran back to my car and played Nintendo DS in the car.

Yi Lin came back and started baking cake.I and Hadi baked a cheesecake which the recipe was the creation of mine.We used our CHEF'S INSTINCT to bake the cake.Mine was a bit flat as there wasn't enough mixture for me and Hadi.Hadi was nice as he used a smaller baking tin.

Hadi and me finsihed baking at around 8pm but we were all waiting for the two gals to bake their cake and we ended up going home at 10pm.So all of stuffed ourselves into my car .3 people at eh back.Han sitting in front.And add 3 boxes of cakes,5 bags and yeah a tray of eggs.

Was driving as careful as i can as there were cakes in the car.Evertying wass smooth going .Then the second DRAMA of the day came.When i was drving through the toll....suddenly the brake doesn't works.....and there was this car in front of me.i pressed the brake didn't really work.Then panickly...i changed the gear to P.The car stopped.I told the rest..

So for the rest of the jouney back to Taylor's college....I had to ask Han to pull the handbrake for me...Sorry Hadi...coz you have to walk a bit to your motorcycle.Sorry Mischa coz cannot send you home.Sorry Maynard and Han for scaring u guys..

So was just a drama day for me.Now i most probably have to take KTM on Monday.....Damn!!! and i am damn sure andy and beruang will start to laugh and tease at me.But beruang....rememebr the Karma...

*Pictures are with Maynard as i was not in the mood for pictures*

Friday, May 02, 2008

Scouting Life

Scouting was, is and will be part of my life.Been in scouts for almost 7 years now.Everyone that knows me knew that i am crazy about scouting.I have been through everything in scouts.... embarrassment,excitement,happiness and sadness.

Throughout the whole 7 years, i did uncountable things. Went under a drainage pipe with dead rat inside.Soaking in a river in the middle of night for almost 3 hours.Walked in my underwear at the side of the road. Those are things that i did even though they are stupid.

I learnt how to deal with kids as the juniors all acted like kids.I learned the pleasure of playing with fire which i am still having pleasure with, Pyrotechnics.....that's what i prefer to call it.I became sort of Guard of Honor for the Prime Minister. I found excitement in climbing waterfalls ,river trekking and all the campfire and social activities i went to. It was in scout that i found my interest in cooking which led me to Culinary Arts.

Those were the good old days........ When i went back for troop meeting, it always make me feel emotional as it reminds me of the old times. Was a bit disappointed when saw the new batch of juniors.They all look sissy and babyish....

Some pictures from my old times....

Eagle Scout Group's Scout Den.This is where i spent most of my times.I spent almost 5 hours for 6 days a week here.I slept almost 80 over nights here.

Boasting about my troop....hehehe
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Shouting as we were doing a introduction at our school's campfire
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Watching as the juniors are teaching the younger juniors...
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Group photo of my council members when we were still young(form 2)
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Picture of me and my council members as we were helping out at the guides HQ
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Me, standing in that freaking position for almost one hour, it was damn hot and tired.
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Pictures during some scout events in different areas.
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The seniors of the Eagle Scout Group in the year 2005
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My first work of culinary...
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I damn miss my life in scouting.....All those fun and excitement and not mentioning the harsh training. I still remember the when i was in secondary one, there were like 70 of us and when i was in form 5, there was only 5 of us. Maybe that's what made 8th Bukit Bintang Eagle Scouts Group of Saint John's Institution as we still are in the group after all those harsh training.

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