Thursday, August 16, 2007

In a Lost and Whole New World

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket LOST.... the word that i can just describe the feeling i am in now.Blogging is just very new to me.I am just having the hardest time in setting this blog. I think i will need a long long time to set this blog.

Today was a quite okay day....DC27 Group 2, which is my group has to make a performance for the upcoming DC gathering which is like in 2 weeks time......i hate performing and the worse is acting.YUP.... my group is gonna act ,making a sketch about ..none other than ...... DC27.....Group 2 .We are gonna show the rest what group 2 is about and how different we will be.

A disaster is heading towards the "cute" members of my group.It was said that a new group are gonna be formed and our group have to "sacrifice" two or three of our member to this newbie group.This is just @#$%!$@$#%$%^ .Group 2 is just nice as it is.Why must they break us up???Has God no mercy on us?Woh, I am just too emotional about this issue.I just hope that i am not the sacrificial.....
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~~~~The "Cute" Members of Group 2 with their cute cute lecturer Mr.Danial Yong~~~
Just sad that these "cute" people must part from each other .

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The New Beginning

A NEW BEGINNING ...i didn't want to start a blog but under certain circumstances which is that i am bored at the momment and it seems like everyone is having a i thought i will just follow the trend.I am actually skipping class while typing this post in the college's library ...Food &Sanitation is on at this momment...i think i can blame maynard for making me skip class .Han,Maynard and me skipped class.....Nancy or Miss Nancy is just very hypnotizing....she can make u alseep in just 5 minutes.

Why Suicide rates can be connected to Miss Nancy:-

1.Students for example could just jump out of the window when she's giving
lecture in class.(50% of the class is actually sleepy )
2.Her subject is just damn boring and it actually can make one stress out from it.
3.She is just BORING

But out of all that ...i think she will be useful in the future.If our country is having war,she could save the lives of our soldiers.Just send send her to battlefield and all the enemies will just kill themselves or fell asleep because she is just too BORING.

P.S: I am just waiting for the comment form on our lectures by the end of the term.