Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Missing Each and Everyone of you all....


Diploma in Culinary Arts (DC) Batch 27.......such a nice name compared to Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism (BDH) Batch 31. It's has been around 2 weeks since the DC's separated.Most went on to pursue their career while a handful of us continued our "shining path" in Taylor's College by pursuing BDH.It's different enviroment and mood compared to the old DC. Well , it has just been 2 weeks i guess, i can't expect much with everyone still "new" with each other.I will just have to adapt like Maynard said.


I miss being in DC27 group 2.
I miss laughing and smiling all the time in class.
I miss the DC lecturers whom are more fun and friendly.
I miss Maynard's wise words.
I miss Andy' s driving and sarcasm.
I miss Han's postive energy and attidude.
I miss Zaha's great smile.
I miss working in kitchen under stress.
I miss the laughter and insults thrown at each other in kitchen.
I miss playing tricks and jokes on you guys.
I miss all those night trips and yum cha session.
I miss all those 3am gatherings.
I miss all the arguments we had.
I miss those culinary jokes.
I miss those internal jokes.
I miss all those teasing and insults.
I miss those friendship and teamwork.
I miss the relationship and bond we had.
I miss those moments.
I miss being a DC.


andy said...

hmm.. format log laman web ini amat mencurigakan..

Vincent Liew {DcRave} said...

yalar yalar......saya mengaku....saya copy dari blog sherryna!!!! puas?

Elaine said...

lol...how u copy....but sad lar bdh....

pervertism101 said...

u knw, by wise words do you mean "wise" sarcastic but true or "wise" always perfectly right? XP

N stop highlighting my name like that! I feel as though I'm the bad guy.

BTW enjoy yourself. From what I hear should be a pretty interesting BDH. Fine sorry for being harsh lah that day.

Vincent Liew {DcRave} said...

I copy the way she say i miss this i miss that....Fuhhhyohhh...maynard say sorry to me...hahaha.Maynard name special need to highlight.....Oh welll life have to go on no matter how.Just bear with it, who knows sumthing exciting may happen