Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Official....I AM MISSING THE NATURE !!!!

IT'S OFFICIAL.......i am missing those times spent in nature especially camping and all those outdoor activities i always do last time. I want to go abseiling,Vertical Climb,Treasure Hunt,Monkey Crawl,and Survival .

I realized that one's childhood mould one's personality in the future and that i could not part with nature.As i was driving to college and getting stuck in Federal Highway , i started thinking of this.I miss and want to go for a camping trip.I need to get away from the heaps of assignments, city people ,noisy surroundings and the polluted air of the urban city.

I want to just relax in a cool stream in the forest listening to the sound of nature ; crickets , leaves as they fall towards the ground and the sound of the raging waterfall come crashing down.I want to feel the soft breeze of unpolluted air in my face, the cool refreshing water and even the ground which smell nicer.I want just lay down on the ground looking up and chatting with my friends next to a campfire until we just doze off.

And amidst this, i realises i misses my old days in scouting going to nature with my council members. I miss sleeping under the stars without nothing and woke up shivering and then shouting at each other.....

"Stupid , told u we should sleep in tent....wan show macho...."

I also misses the time when we were juniors and we had to do all the dirty work of washing and cleaning .Thanks Shaiful and Jet Thye for helping me to wash dishes and equipment at LSCS Camporee in Hulu Langat.

I remember the time where we decided to go do a survey for a campsite.We went unprepared.We took a bus till the end of the station .We then caught a ride on a 4WD when going up the mountain and ended up walking down for 2 hours .I remember Vincent covered in mud due to "his showing off".

Remember the time when we were form 2 and we had a council argument and was punished .We were all in the river at 12.00am and was just in our pants.We actually forgot our fight as all was too cold to say anything and we ended up in there for 2 hours until we solved our problem.

I remember the time we caught a python in our own backyard of Scout Den. We actually kept it for 2 weeks for educational purposes and we named it Gomez...hahaha .It was that 2 weeks that everyone went to the Den everyday after school just to visit Gomez and we even bought fresh "food" for it.

As i race through these memories i realises that the good old days will always be a part of me .With this memories, i am motivated to do a camping trip.Jet Thye , remember our plan to go Taman Negara in Pahang....i am gonna try to organize it and get all of us to go together for old time sake.......

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